People are curious about  the equipment we use  and always ask, so this should give you a idea of what we use


Digital Recorders

Digital recorders allow investigators to record sounds. They are used for ambient sound recordings as well as EVP sessions. For ambient sounds, leave the recorder in areas with reported voices, sounds, or other activity to see what gets picked up. Sometimes during evidence review, investigators will find conversations or loud noises such as bangs that were not heard by the teams during investigation.

RT-EVP - The world's first time real interactive digital voice recorder and integrated Spirit Box Combination Device for the Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Investigation

 EMF Meters

The K2 (KII) Meter is another version of an EMF meter. The K2 works better as a debunking tool than as a “digital Ouija board”. Investigators like to use the K2 in conjunction with the other styles of EMF meters. These devices were made publicly famous for their work on the television show, Ghost Hunters.

The “Ghost Meter” EMF detector is another type of EMF meter that our investigators use. They are used to detect concentrations of EMF in the atmosphere, as well as electrical interferences at investigations sites.

The large, clear display shows EMF AND Ambient Temperature simultaneously to provide the user with a direct correlation between EMF and Temperature change in the surrounding area. This is the only meter that can do this! here to edit text


Laser Grid

This high powered laser emits a grid of green dots useful for detecting shadows or general visual disturbances during an investigation. Set it in front of a running camera to catch potential evidence.

DVR System

For stationary video, our 4 Channel DVR system is great. This system allows us to use IR cameras to monitors areas with little to no room with ease. The unit stores 500 GB of video which translates into around 32 hours of video at high quality. This frees up our video cameras . The DVR unit allows us to review evidence in a 4 channel split-screen view, which helps to simplify and speed up our evidence review!


Digital cameras
Digital cameras are a basic tool that every investigator should have. One of the best ways to prove activity or the presence of something paranormal is photographic evidence. Sometimes apparitions will show up on film when they are not seen by the naked eye. Mists or smoky forms that appear can also be a good indicator of activity.
Video Camera
Video cameras can be used in conjunction with still cameras to catch evidence.  They can be used in the same way a digital voice recorder is used.  They can be placed in a room while investigators are not present in order to catch activity that may occur when no one is present.  Sometimes a location can be quiet when others are present but more active when no one is present.  A video camera can catch things that might have otherwise been missed.
Full Spectrum Camera
This video camera has been modified to allow the maximum amount of invisible IR and UV light into the camera in order to better capture images within the spirit world. Custom modified to capture images reflected within the Full Light spectrum.

Paranologies Equipment

 Paranologies Paramid

This is a Stereo Ultra-Sonic Sensor. It will pick up a  object up to 4 feet away with an lCD display  Telling how far way it is .

  • This is a Customized 8 channel TriboElectric Field Meter(Static) V2.
  • Picks up TriboElectric Fields and follows them Visually on the 3" Led Tower.
  • Paranologies Small Orbular 25 Led Infra-Red illuminator.  copyright © 2011 Paranologies
  • True 180 Degree's of Infra-red light, no more IR circles in footage. Only one of its kind!
  • IR led's are Mounted to a custom molded Curved Sphere for IR dispersion by design.
  • Other IR Illuminator's focus on brightness which end up blinding the room out, and have no concern for quality of footage.
  • Intended for Indoor use for full coverage of an area measuring 25' Squared. Need more Indoor area to cover?

     Paranologies Paramid

    This is a Stereo Ultra-Sonic Sensor. It will pick up a  object up to 4 feet away with an lCD display  Telling how far way it is .

    Panoptic Camera
    • 650 TVL Infra-red camera.
    • Fully adjustable Lens from 3.5-9.0 width, no more worrying about hallways or bedrooms. This camera will work for both!
    • 24 led custom Paranologies IR Illuminator Built in.
    • Paranologies custom Phono Pod Microphone Built in.
    • Male Rca Jacks on top of the unit for use with your own dvr.(Mini Modular Dvr Coming soon for this unit).
    Tailored for Paranormal Investigation's to detect Fields we cannot see with our eye's such as the hair lifting up from one's arm during an investigation. It is said that Spirit energy holds on to Static electricity and can be picked up from this meter.
    With Smart Devices now having such great quality, and the ease of use, we have decided to turn them into a great tool for Paranormal Investigating. We have purchased up a limited supply of Smart Devices and converted them to be used as a great night vision smart camera. Converting a Smart Device is very difficult and can easily damage the device if attempted, so please do not try to convert your own, this is why we supply the device with our custom Smart Device case. While supplies last we are going to be using the LG Transpyre Smartphone.


    Ultra-sensitive geophone circuit "listens" to vibrations in the ground. You can place this kit outside and watch the changing LEDs to see if there is someone or something coming. The closer it gets, the higher the LED reading.

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