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Course Description:

This course is designed to prepare you to be a paranormal investigator. In order to become an effective investigator, you must always seek the truth with an open mind, as well as a healthy amount of skepticism.  Paranormal investigation is akin to the process of forensic investigation, in that a thorough examination of the physical evidence will always lead you to the truth.  Each investigation conducted requires a cautious approach to the claims of activity backed up with scientific methodology.

The information provided in this course will help prepare you to establish yourself as a trusted and credible source when homeowners and/or business owners are potentially plagued by something they see as frightening or bothersome.  We will study the different types of paranormal activity, differing methodologies, essential investigating equipment, the investigation process and how to deal with the aftermath of an investigation. This course will also include a list of websites and associations within the paranormal field that are of interest to a potential or a seasoned paranormal investigators.

Course Requirements:

Anyone who is interested in learning about how to be a paranormal investigator may enroll in this class.  No previous experience is required.

This class is a 10 week class that will be in an online environment.  The class consists of weekly readings, discussions, projects and reviews.  Attendance is required for discussions.  Classroom login and book information will be distributed as soon as tuition is paid.


More about the classes:



  • What days/evenings are they held on? All classes online with a weekly Monday evening discussion 
  • What time will they start? Discussions at 8PM
  • What is the typical duration per class? Minimum 1 hour discussions 
  • Where are they located? Online in a virtual classroom similar to Blackboard
  • How many students are you accepting for these classes?  15
  • How much does the class cost? $50 each
  • How do I pay tuition?  Web Store item Paranormal 101 course
  • How long does the course last? 10 weeks
  • Do I need books? Yes - that information will be sent to you when you pay tuition








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