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Dana Kline
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There a three levels of demonic influence: 1. Demon influence 2. Demon obsession 3. Demon invasion. Under the first, the demon comes in a guise that represents good and familiar things. A spirit seeking to communicate. A friend for the lonely. In the second stage, the person becomes involved, returning favors to the spirit for favors perceived as received. In the final stage, the entity pervades all aspects of life, consumes every relationship, friendship or last vestiges of self will. A demon is a consumer, it will consume essence and strength in return it provides pain and torment. For centuries we have locked away people who have fallen prey, inside institutions of 'medicine' which were feeble attempts to lock away the person and help them but quackery pervades the area of mental health care. Be wary of those spirits who act friendly, but request you do some act for them.
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I experienced a demon in human form a few months ago. She had a weakened soul, a perfect target foShe was thirty, homeless, and out of work... I make a habit of helping people like her. However, I didn't know what I was getting myself into. We were friends for a long time, so I got to know her. My friends thought she was slow, but there was something different about her. She was very intelligent, and manipulative, but she seemed like she wasn't aclimated to being in her own body. She had a strange cadence of speaking, and hated her body to the point where she would repeatedly attempt suicide, but at the same time, she was very selfish and self concious. I ended up dating her for about a year...during that year, she tried to ruin my career, she stole from me, lied to me, attempted to rape me several times and also tried to kill me when I wanted to leave. I think that there was more to her than simply a troubled woman, with issues. I think that she was a demon. She said to me one day that she thought that she was a demon, and that the things she did to me, she was not in control over. To this day she is still trying to ruin my life, by attempting to make contact, whether by phone, email, alternate aliases... Once I called her out as a demon (a huge mistake) and she started using it to her advantage. I would always listen to her plot against other people, about how she would lie to them and then steal whatever they had...and for some reason, I never allowed it to sink into my mind that I was just another target...but that because I respected her and treated her well, I was simply a target that helped her and nutured her, despite the fact that I knew what she was.  All of that changed the moment I decided to end our relationship. For someone as old as her, and to know her as long as I did, I never found out much about her. She didn't have many friends, and the one friend she did have was so much like her that it was baffeling. After a while, she decided that she was going to "make ammends for what she had done" by mending her broken promises... And instead, she lulled me into a false sense of security and by the time I figured out what was going on and that she was going to abandon and rob me, it was too late. 

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